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Welcome to VPN Romania!

Cyber attacks are becoming more common.
The cyber war has begun!
Choose to be safe!



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  • people Who can benefit from our services?

    Notaries, law firms, exchange houses, private detectives, public figures, business people, small and medium-sized businesses and beyond!

    These are a couple examples. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • security Why would I need this?

    You get the benefit of encrypting every data that you send on the Internet, anywhere you might be.

    Do you travel alot? It's a great reason to keep your data safe and avoid the eyes of a spy.
    Are you a business man? That's another great reason to keep your data only for yourself.

    In our days, data security and online protection, by every day that passes, are more and more looked up. Everyone wants to be safe online! The thought "this can't happen to me", could leave you without precious data and intel.

  • flash_on Exclusively in Europe

    We are offering an exclusive encryption service in Europe and especially in Romania. The name of this service is "Have a secure Internet connection anywhere you might be."
    More briefly: anywhere you might be connected to the Internet, you'll come up online as being at your home! All the data that you send and receive is encrypted at the highest level!


The Internet is not safe without a VPN connection!

The choice is yours! Choose VPN Romania!