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Have a secured Internet connection anywhere you might be

26 Mai 2017 în Data encryption

Smart Universe Technologies is the first company in Romania to offer this service!
Did you know you can benefit from securing your Internet connection anywhere you are? WiFi Shield is the first service in Romania that encrypts the Internet connection using its home connection, being offered in EXCLUSIVITY by Smart Universe Technologies.

How does it work?

The client chooses one of the encryption packages listed below, depending on his needs. Our team is responsible for installing and configuring the operating system, generating security certificates, configuring the security protocol, and configuring the client's router to enable encryption. The customer receives the encryption equipment in custody, ready for use. Once it starts using WiFi Shield, the customer can safely use any free WiFi connection from anywhere, being protected from his home or office Exclusive VPN equipment.

How long can I benefit from this service?

For life! Once you have purchased one of the available packages, you will benefit from the services included in that package for life.

How many devices can I use this service?

Whatever devices you want!

Compatibility with other devices?

Most current devices are compatible (e.g., Apple iPhone, iPad, smartphones that use Android, Windows PC / Laptops). However, before you make a purchase, check your device's compatibility with a VPN Romania representative. Some devices may not be compatible due to the old operating system version or poor support for security protocols.

What other benefits does WiFi Shield provide?

Data storage, secure file transfer. Each encryption packet offers specific benefits.

Can I upgrade from one package to another?

Yes. If you initially chose a package with fewer benefits included, and then you want to upgrade to a higher bundle, you can do so by paying only the difference.

Why use an Internet connection security service?

Wireless networks are vulnerable. If a person or organization has an interest in learning personal information about yourself or your business, it can easily pass the security protocols. Once it has succeeded, it will have access to all the documents stored on the connected device (documents, pictures, videos, emails etc.), but also to the information you display while browsing the Internet (personal data access on different platforms, for example email or social networks). Without advanced knowledge, a hacker can break a vulnerable WiFi network in about 1 minute...

Who is using the WiFi Shield service?

VPN Romania offers the wifi shield service - securing the internet connection anywhere you are, for private and legal individuals, administrators, CEOs, CFOs, lawyers, detectives, businessmen, notaries, small and medium sized companies, photographers, photojournalists, Journalists, public figures. In other words, our service will protect any natural or legal person who wants to have a secure Internet connection anywhere he is, and thus permanently protect the accessed information.

Customer support

The equipment is delivered set and ready for immediate commissioning by the customer. If you need help, we offer free remote support through TeamViewer or ssh administration. Trips to the client as well as more complex interventions can be made with a fee.

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