Terms and Conditions

20 May 2017 in Info


1. Service Provider - Terms and Conditions
Virtual Private Network VPN Romania (hereinafter VPN Romania) is a product of Smart Universe Technologies S.R.L-D.

2. Agreement
This agreement is concluded between Smart Universe Technologies S.R.L-D, no. Registration J40 / 9056/2015 and you as a VPN customer of Romania.
Smart Universe Technologies S.R.L-D grants you rights to VPN Romania, which refers exclusively to this user agreement. Therefore, please read this information carefully (terms and conditions).
You may use VPN only if you are legally authorized to enter into an agreement with Smart Universe Technologies and this is not prohibited by applicable law.

3. Your data traffic, your data
VPN Romania offers you the ability to perform secure Internet traffic using the VPN server and keep your IP address secret. Thus, your data traffic will be encrypted and can not be spied on. VPN Romania's goal is to protect your transmitted and received data over the Internet. VPN Romania does not tolerate or support criminal actions. Smart Universe Technologies does not store data traffic within VPN Romania.

4. Changes
Smart Universe Technologies S.R.L-D can change VPN Romania at certain time intervals, for example by adding or removing some VPN functions or servers.

5. Data protection
Smart Universe Technologies S.R.L-D does not collect or use personal data to be made available to the VPN Romania. Smart Universe Technologies has a strict policy: the highest degree of respect for data protection and the customer's private sphere. For this reason, the customer's personal data is not monitored, recorded or written in a log or stored.

6. Your responsibility
It is forbidden you to misuse the tortuous service, such as, but not limited to, crimes against sexual self-determination, plotting or instigating violence, violating intellectual property rights, fraudulent actions , Libel, insult, or criminal offenses or other tort / delict activities. Also, any illegal activity such as: infestation, flood, ddos, spam, unsolicited mail, fraud, accessing applications - databases - lawless computer systems, infant pornography, vulnerability scanning And not only using the VPN connection. The main idea of ​​the service we provide is to ensure bi-directional security of data traffic performed by the client.
This user agreement, applicable law, and other legal provisions are binding on you and you are solely responsible for complying with them. Smart Universe Technologies SRL-D, VPN Romania, assumes no responsibility for your activities and actions. VPM Romania cooperates, in case of breach of the law by the client, under the legal provisions and discretionary choice, with public and private prosecution authorities and institutions.
Smart Universe Technologies reserves the right to restrict or suspend in whole or in part the right of access to VPN Romania in case of violation of law, as well as the initiation of legal actions.

7. Applications and Software
VPN Romania grants you the right to access the Romanian VPN secured network by personal and non-transferable security certificates and keys exclusively for access to the secured VPN Romania network. These expire with the termination of this agreement or the expiration of the chosen package. You do not have permission to sell and / or transmit, distribute the applications, files and / or software you receive.

8. Exclusion of liability
Smart Universe Technologies SRL-D provides no warranty with respect to the services or software you use. Smart Universe Technologies S.R.L-D is not responsible, in particular, for damages resulting from the exposure of the client's identity or IP address or from the failure of individual VPN servers. In addition, Smart Universe Technologies S.R.L-D does not provide any guarantee of the availability of certain VPN servers in the VPN Romania network and their performance.

9. Termination

Prepaid packages do not require termination and end automatically upon expiration of their shelf life.
If the whole agreement is terminated, you will lose access to VPN private network Romania.
VPN Romania may terminate the agreement at any time if you repeatedly and severally disregard these conditions, if there is a court order or a danger to other clients of the service. Also, VPN Romania may terminate this agreement extraordinarily in case of atypical use.
VPN Romania reserves the right, in case of an unusually high load on the entire network, to make changes to the equipment for proper operation and availability of the service for each customer.

10. Changes
Occasionally, VPN Romania will review this usage agreement (terms and conditions) and the latest applicable version will always be published on our site. VPN Romania will inform you about the change through a pop-up window.

Work Hours

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
For urgent matter, we are also available in the weekend.

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