VPN Romania service description

21 May 2017 in Info

VPN Romania Service

Through VPN Romania, service provided by Smart Universe Technologies SRL-D, we offer you Internet encryption services.
We offer you the ability to perform Internet traffic using VPN servers anywhere you are using any type of Internet connection, keeping your IP address and location secret.

For this purpose, VPN Romania provides the following services:

1.1 Virtual Private Network
You can connect to the VPN Virtual Private Network (VPN) using your device (computer, smartphone, etc.) on the Internet. VPN Romania provides the appropriate infrastructure, consisting of authentication servers, VPN servers and related configurations.

1.2 Protocols
VPN Servers Romania uses the best encryption protocol, the OpenVPN protocol. It also offers the best encryption methods available at this time.

1.3 Devices
Depending on the available pricing plan, you can use up to three devices (PC, laptops / netbooks, smart phones, tablets and other devices that allow Internet connections).

1.4 Bandwidth
At this time, the available bandwidth is not artificially limited and depends on your Internet speed.

1.5 Transfer speed
VPN Romania reserves the right, in the case of abnormal data traffic, to limit the speed of service to all customers.

2. Online Support
VPN Romania offers you an online tutorial section and the most frequently asked questions. Also, technical support is provided free of charge by phone, mail or remote management (remote admin, TeamViewer etc).

3. Encryption and pricing packages:

VPN Packages:

Bronze VPN - 4 €
Silver VPN - 7 €
Gold VPN - 13 €
Titan VPN - 20 €

Exclusive VPN Packages:

Green VPN Exclusive - 66 €
Yellow VPN Exclusive - 111 €
Red VPN Exclusive - 133 €

4. Billing
The period of validity of the package fee begins to be counted from the day you make the payment until the package expires. VPN Romania may modify the applicable fees and costs or occasionally charge new fees or costs. However, in this case you will be notified in advance by e-mail. You are responsible for updating your contact information and payment information.

Work Hours

Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
For urgent matter, we are also available in the weekend.

Special Info

The VPN Exclusive Service, also known as „WiFi Shield” or „Have a secure Internet connection anywhere you might be” offers you important advantages.