Perfect forward secrecy.

Powerful Cipher

Data encryption is made using the AES-256-CBC cipher. According NSA, informations can be encrypted up to TOP SECRET level.

Data Integrity

HMAC authentication. Data integrity check and also message authentication is made using the hash function, SHA256 și SHA512.

Control Channel

We use the latest version of the TLS protocol, TLSv1.2. Using this protocol + the best cipher suites, we can say that we offer„the perfect forwarding secrecy” to a connection.

Certificate Signature

When we sign the certificates, the digital signature of the certificate that must be signed is calculated. Certificate signature is made with the help of hash function, SHA256 and SHA512.

Strong Encryption Keys

We use RSA certificates and keys with 2048, 4096 and 8192 bits.


Diffie-Hellman parameters that we use have 2048,  4096 and 8192 bits. With the help of these parameters the key exchange is made.

Extra protection with TLS

Extra protection with TLS-AUTH. Data packets that come to the server must have a valid signature generated with the static PSK key.

WiFi Protection

With our VPN service you can connect to every free WiFi Internet connection available without the risk of loosing important informations.

No data traffic logging

The idea of this kind of service is trust. Reciprocal trust. We offer and ask the same thing!

Restricted Internet?

Either if you work on a laptop, or on your smartphone, access on social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc at your workplace is/may be restricted. Avoid those filters using our VPN service!

Entire Content Encryption

Your connection is entirely encripted. This means you are safe even when you make VOICE and VIDEO conferences through the Internet.

We have an EXCLUSIVE service

Beside our standard encryption service we offer an exclusive package at the client home/location. There is no monthly fee unless you want us to administer the equipment.

schema conexiune securizata si nesecurizata

Internet Connection Scheme

Without VPN Romania: Websites will see your IP and location.
- Your Internet Service Provider sees every website that you visit, videos that you see, emails that you send and also everything you download or upload.
With VPN Romania: Websites will see VPN Romania's location and IPs.
- Your Internet Service Provider will see only encrypted traffic from and to VPN Romania.


We forward perfect secrets.

Communication encryption and data security are key elements in business and also in your private life.

Choose to be safe!